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Quality system

Quality management system of BioLog Heppe GmbH

Stable quality is the basic principle for the industrial application of chitosan products.

The introduction of those natural products into various industries requires a controlled technological processing of different raw materials for the long term production of chitin/chitosan products in defined qualities with low tolerances in the parameters.

BioLog Heppe works only with suppliers who accept and follow our monitored quality management system including our testing methods.
Analyses conducted during the process steps assure defined and stable qualities.
This enables BioLog Heppe to guarantee the long term supply of consistent products.

Classification of BioLog-Heppe-products:


Quality parameter: 

  • Degree of deacetylation (DDA) [%]
  • Viscosity [mPas]
  • Ash content [%]
  • Moisture [%]
  • Heavy metals [ppm]

On request molecular weight and microbiology are analysed.