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Textile industry application

Textile treatment

BioLog Heppe has developed unique chitosan products for the textile industry that increase the tensile strength of individual fibers as well as the quality of color printing absorption.

Chitosan as a sizing agent helps to increase the tensile strength of fibers during the weaving process, which results in less thread breakages. Unlike conventional starch application methods for strengthening fibers, it does not require the post-weaving washing processes, thus saving time, money, and water. It makes the process more environmentally friendly, because the waste water is less polluted.

Chitosan Textilfasern Textilfärbung

Chitosan's cationic nature makes it an ideal dye application additive for the textile industry. The anionic coloring agents, like reactive dyes form covalent connections with chitosan, which helps to create a more solid bond with the underlying fabric as well as enhancing the richness of the dye's color.

Textiles made of chitosan fibers are very suitable for geriatric care or for people suffering from neurodermatitis, because the fibers are well tolerated by the skin.

There are proven recipes of sizing agents for cotton and polyester fibers available. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you to find the optimal recipe and the optimal product for your textile application.