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Customized end-user application

Biodegradable flocculants

HEPPIX® is BioLog Heppe's cationic aid for flocculation and dewatering of organic and mineral waste water and sludge.

Biologisch abbaubare Flockungsmittel HEPPIX Biologisch abbaubares Flockungsmittel


  • biodegradable, non-toxic (classification by the UBA: "non-hazardous to waters")
  • alternative to synthetic flocculants
  • recycling of sludge is possible
  • good dewatering of the flakes
  • clear supernatant
  • low dosage requirements in comparison with equivalent synthetic polymers

BioLog Heppe's team of experts will work with you to find the proper combination of flocculants for your specific needs. The prepared solutions can be combined together or with other polymers and have a shelf life in excess of three months.

Areas of application:

  • municipal sludge treatment for agricultural usage
  • flocculation of fat, oil, grease, protein and starch
  • solid/liquid separation of mineral suspensions (bentonite, gravel washing)
  • flocculation of liquid manure and biogas sludge
  • solid/liquid separation of process water from food industry
  • algae flocculation in lakes and swimming pools
  • sludge de-watering of lakes and rivers in protected areas