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Chitosan production for over 20 years

Customized end-user application

Biodegradable flocculants


The HEPPIX flocculants from BioLog Heppe are ideal for the separation of liquids from manure, biogas sludge and other biomass (yeast and protein) for a variety of agriculture facilities and systems. Thanks to the non-toxicity and biodegradability of HEPPIX chitosan based flocculants, it is possible to repurpose flocculated sludge, for instance as fertilizer, in an environmentally sound and economically feasible way.

For over 2 years now we use HEPPIX A successfully for the de-watering of biogas sludge by a Flottweg centrifuge at 3200 rpm and 13 m³ per h (increase of the TS from 5% to 31%). The consumption of flocculants could be reduced to 25% of the polyacrylamide consumption.

Of course every facility and application is unique and at BioLog Heppe we are always willing and able to work with our clients to find the optimal solution. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help your business thrive.