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Customized end-user application

Biodegradable flocculants

Industrial waste water treatment with biodegradable flocculants

HEPPIX® flocculants are designed by BioLog Heppe to be used in a wide variety of industrial processes, ranging from the sanitization of processed water in the fruit and vegetable industry, all the way to the separation of dyes from textile factory waste water. The versatile power of chitosan, as used by the HEPPIX® line of flocculants, to quickly and affordably separate contaminants from liquids, while still using natural biodegradable active ingredients. This makes it the flocculant alternative for the forward thinking business in an ever more regulated global production environment.

Of course every facility and application is unique and at BioLog Heppe we are always willing and able to work with our clients to find the right solution for them. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help your business thrive.