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Biodegradable flocculants


BioLog's HEPPIX OT was specifically developed to be the ideal flocculant for the separation of sludge from lake and river beds. Chitosan, the core ingredient of HEPPIX OT, has been categorized as "non-hazardous to waters" by the German UBA (Federal Environmental Agency).

HEPPIX OT is a strong bonding agent for biomass, minerals and heavy metals, such as magnesium and iron, and thanks to its biodegradable and non-toxic status, can be safely and quickly applied to open and running bodies of water, to separate out the targeted elements. Those bond in long chains to the flocculant and drop as sediment, creating both a distinct clear and un-clear layer in the treated water with an exceptional dewatering behavior or become flakes that can be easily separated by appropriate filter systems.

Thanks to the biodegradable and non-artificial nature of the active chitosan the separated water will not be contaminated with artificial chemicals and the flocculants in the sludge will degrade naturally.

HEPPIX OT is the premiere product for both large and small scale dredging on the market today. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help your project thrive.