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Customized end-user application

Biodegradable flocculants

Swimming pool treatment

Swimming pool
HEPPIX® AS was specifically developed by BioLog Heppe to be the ideal flocculant for the separation of algae and micro-organisms from swimming pool water. Chitosan, the core ingredient of HEPPIX® AS, has been categorized as "non-hazardous to waters" by the German UBA (Federal Environmental Agency).

HEPPIX® AS differs from non-biodegradable and artificial alternatives, in that it does not kill the algae, but merely bonds to it, forcing it to build large flakes, which swim to the water's surface, making them easy to skim off the top. This facilitates the cleaning process through the use of conventional automated back flush filtration systems, without having to rely on labor intensive pool bottom sweeping or vacuuming.

The product WonderGel is available at Amazon, traded by BioLog Heppe, if you search for WonderGel Pool.

To purchase HEPPIX® AS for your swimming facilities, please, contact us directly or approach one of our world-wide distribution partners: AQUALITY Incorporated Ltd., Cyprus: All-in-one pool clarifier